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We had a wonderful experience with A Success Academics, Inc. and plan to use them for any academic needs moving forward. Darryl was really able to connect with my son and it made my son feel extremely comfortable to share his weaknesses, so that he could receive the necessary instruction. Every child learns differently and has varied experiences from the next student, so tutorial sessions and tutoring can never be 'cookie cutter' if you want to see success in your scholar. A Success made sure that my son received his own sessions that were tailored to his needs. Regardless of his scores on the exam, he felt confident and prepared walking into the test. The way that A Success Academics, Inc. worked with my one and only, made me very pleased and I have recommended them to others, as a result of their professionalism and the manner in which they attacked the test, shared strategies and made my son feel like he was receiving instruction by someone who really cared about them as an individual.
Arle W.
ACT Tutoring
This was my first time using a tutorial service. I must say, I could not be more pleased with the results. I wanted to get my son (a senior in high school) additional help as he prepared to take the ACT. His tutors were Mr. Darryl Marquette and Ms. Johnnie (JR) Redding. Both were amazing! They interacted well with my son and were able to present the information to him in a manner that was clear and concise. The techniques shared were invaluable. Thanks to both Mr. Marquette and Ms. Redding, my son's ACT score improved 9 points. We all were pleasantly surprised. I would definitely use them again. If you are in the market for a tutor, I highly recommend them.
Erica M.
ACT Tutoring
Our student said, after her third appointment for ACT prep with Mr. Marquette, "I wish he'd been my math instructor all along!" She looks forward to their sessions and is making great strides in knowledge, skill and outlook. Darryl humbly but correctly identified his gifting: he CONNECTS with his students in a unique, personal way that makes them rise to the challenge and believe they can succeed. His tips, strategies, and approach are highly beneficial - we are so happy we made this choice!
Dr. Rosemary H
ACT Tutoring
This was the best decision we ever made for our daughter The Team is the best I highly recommend them I will be using them again in the future. They made a connection without daughter and made it easy for her to learn and our daughter felt extremely comfortable . A rapport is important and they make sure they establish one with the parents and the student.
Sharon P.
I enjoyed the way he taught me how to attack he test. I learned a lot of valuable techniques to take the test that helped me very much.Mr. Darryl was enjoyable to work with and made the sessions both fun and constructive. I would highly recommend him to any one who wants to succeed at taking the ACT/ SAT
Ryan P.
ACT Tutoring
Great service. Rather than just working on ACT problems, he helped me understand the other aspects of testing. Improved my test scores from 24 to 28.Great friend and mentor for me.
Neville J.
The instructor was extremely kind, professional, and especially knowledgeable about math and science subjects, I highly recommend his program to any student trying to score higher on the Act and Sat tests...
Kevin B.
SAT Tutoring
Darryl does what he loves and it shows, he puts my daughter at ease and makes her feel that she is going to crush the SAT. Thanks Darryl. I have recommend him to my neighbors !!!!
Mike H.
ACT Tutoring
Mr. Marquette was awesome. He was professional, knowledgeable and made my daughter feel extremely comfortable. I have no doubt that he gave her the exact tools needed to ace the ACT. She was poised and ready at test time. She enjoyed her time with him so much that she asked if we could continue the relationship should she need it in the future.
Faustina B.
ACT Tutoring
Darryl did an amazing job of preparing me for the ACT in only just 4 days. I had such a great time and learned so much and got the score I needed! Would definitely recommend to any student looking for SAT/ACT prep courses
Peyton M.
Very professional and knowledgeable.
Gwen P.
Math Tutor
Darryl was a wonderful selection for my 11 year old son, for math help. My son liked him very much pricing and scheduling was a breeze! Highly recommend!
Adam B.
I have been working with “A” Success academics since I was in the 7th grade, and I'm now a senior in high school! Not only has my math grade improved but now my ACT scores did too! My ACT scores went up 5 points. FIVE! I hope to continue working with them when I start college! Thank You Mr. Marquette for all the mentoring and guidance over the years, I will NEVER forget it !
Brianna M.
Math Tutoring
Mr. Marquette tutors my daughter in math. He is very professional. He makes learning math fun for her. I highly recommend their services. You will not be disappointed.
Arlicia B.
SAT Tutoring
I selected Darryl Marquette to assist my daughter Makenzie with her SAT preparation after interviewing several other individuals and companies. I made the right choice! Darryl was personable and professional. He was thorough and efficient, all while making sure he went at a comfortable pace for my daughter. We are looking forward to seeing an increase in her math score! I have already recommended Darryl and A Success Academy to several of my friends and coworkers and plan on hiring him to tutor my 10th grade son Myles as well.
Adrienne L.
Algebra Tutoring
"A" Success Academics was exactly what my son needed to boost confidence in his math abilities, and to see improvements on assessments. Mr. Marquette provided a well-rounded approach to learning tough concepts, and I could sense that he truly cares about his students. Thanks so much!
Lynda L.

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